A Backpackers Guide to Lesotho

Discover the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho

  • Superb Mountain Scenery

  • The Highest Peaks South of Kilimanjaro

  • Amazing Road Passes

  • A Friendly Local Population

  • A Unique Culture

  • The Highest Commercial Abseil in the World

  • Unlimited Hiking and Pony Trekking Opportunities

  • Spectacular Waterfalls

  • Ski in Africa!

  • The Romance of Being Off the Beaten Track

  • Where Travel is an Adventure

  • Easy on the Pocket!

Russell first explored Lesotho on foot during a 4 week hike, covering over 500km in Dec/Jan 1990/1. That was an amazing experience, and his love for Lesotho, its scenery and people, was born. He then started up Sani Lodge in May 1992. It was in 1993, when sitting with travellers in his lodge and looking at the major guide books and their sections on Lesotho that he decide to write the book. This is because all the major
guides treat Lesotho as an afterthought, their authors have no real interest or feeling for the place. So he travelled to the places he hadn’t been to before, and wrote the book in late 1993.
He brought out the first edition in late 1993, and has updated it every 3 years or so. The current edition is the 6th edition. Right from the start, the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA) ‘s printing division, Sharenet, printed the book for me. They provided tremendous assistance- without them the book would never have happened. Up until the 5th edition, the books had a plain cardboard cover in order to keep costs down, but he decided to add a colour cover and colour plates inside the book as well to make the book more attractive and interesting.
The book itself is 56 pages of A5 size, divided into two sections. The first section deals with general information about Lesotho, it’s geography, history, the Basotho people and their culture as well as
general travelling information. The second section is the specific travel information, with chapters covering Maseru, the Northern, Central and Southern Routes, Semonkong, The Lesotho Highlands Water Project, Hiking, Pony Trekking, 4×4 vehicles and Adventure activities. Whilst it is called “A Backpackers Guide”, it is hopefully of interest to anyone. One of the major advantages of the book over the major guidebooks is that the lead time to production is very short, meaning that the information in the book is bang up to date. The current 7th edition came out in November 2009. Also, living on the edge of Lesotho and have dealings with travellers heading in and out on a regular basis means Russell’s ear is very much to the ground.

The book is available at Sani Lodge and at most of the lodges in and around Lesotho as well as other hostels and outlets around southern Africa as listed below. It is also available by post. From inside South Africa, the book costs R55 including postage and from overseas, the cost is R75 including postage. Contact us to place an order.

Outlets where the book is available

Sani Lodge

Chapter Two Books

Lemon Tree Books

Pucketty Farm

Major Adventures

The Highlander

Ansteys Beach Backpackers www.ansteysbeach.co.za

Happy Hippo www.happy-hippo.co.za

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Nomads Backpackers www.nomadsbp.co.za

Buccaneers Backpackers www.cintsa.com

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Inkosana Lodge www.inkosana.co.za

One World Travel Centre www.oneworldafrica.co.za

Pretoria Backpackers www.pretoriabackpackers.net

Katse Orion Lodge www.oriongroup.co.za

Malealea Lodge www.malealea.co.ls

Maseru Backpackers www.durham-lesotholink.org.uk

Morija Museum and Archives www.morijafest.com

No. 10 Riverside

Sani Top Chalet www.sanitopchalet.co.za

Semonkong Lodge www.placeofsmoke.co.ls

Trading Post Roma www.tradingpost.co.za