Community Tourism and National Parks in the rest of Lesotho

Between March 2006 and March 2017, our other longer tours have provided an income to National Parks and other local service providers of R228 860.

Since the closure of the National Park lodge, our Sehlabathebe tours stay at a small Basotho run lodge, Mabotle Lodge situated in the nearby Sehlabathebe village or a village home-stay in nearby Thamathu village. We are one of very few tour operators bringing tourists to this beautiful part of Lesotho and providing the benefits of tourism to both the Park (through entrance fees and horse-riding)and the neighboring communities (through accommodation and meals). We have brought 117 clients to the area since 2007.

Our Roof of Africa tours spend the first night at No. 10 Riverside. We spend two nights in Ts’ehlanyane National Park as well as visiting the Reserves at Bokong and Liphofung. These all need a growth in visitor numbers in order to justify their existence in the face of a constant push for land for housing and grazing! The 4 day tours also spent a night at the Basotho family home-stay Ha Mamohase near Butha Buthe. We have brought 140 clients to these facilities since 2007

Our Classic Lesotho tour is not focused on Community Tourism, but we try and use community tourism services wherever possible as we traverse the country. We have taken 24 clients on these tours since 2015.