Indigenous Plant Nursery


We purchased this property from Mokhotlong Mountain Transport in 1996, and ever since have been working hard to rehabilitate it. We found it covered in bramble, wattle and pine. Over the years, we have propagated our own seedlings of a wide variety of indigenous trees, shrubs and other plants, pushed back the “aliens” and replanted with indigenous. This has been a very successful project, with our property now “water-wise” and our gardens beautiful. We have even created “forest patches”. In recent years, a number of people asked whether we could sell them certain species, and so we decided to expand our propagation and started selling indigenous plants to the public. This has now grown to point where we have built a special greenhouse attached to the Giants Cup Café where over 60 species of indigenous tree, shrub, bulb, succulent, groundcover and creeper are sold. In addition, we have put tree names and plant labels up for over 100 specimens, meaning that you can wander through our gardens and see what mature and flowering specimens look like before you decide.

Below is our current plant list – please clink on the following link for our brochure to see a page of information and photos of each of these species. Please click here to download our brochure.

Bowkeria Verticillata (Southern Shell-flower)
Buddleja Auriculata (Weeping Sagewood)
Buddleja Loricata (Mountain Sagewood)
– bush and tree varieties
Buddleja Salvifolia (Sagewood)
Clausena Anisata (Horsewood, Perdepis)
Doispyrus Lycioides (Bluebush)
Ficus Ingens (Red Leafed Rock Fig)
Grewia Occidentalis (Cross Berry)
Greyia Sutherlandii (Natal Bottlebrush)
Gymnosporia Buxifolia (Common Spike Thorn)
Halleria Lucida (Halleria, Tree Fuchsia)
Heteromorpha Arborescens (Parsley Tree)
Kiggeleria Africana (Wild Peach)
Leucosidea Sericea (Ntshitshi)
Olea Europaea Africana (Wild Olive)
Olinia Emarginata (Mountain Hard Pear)
Rhamnus Prinoides (Dogwood, Blinkblaar)
Rhus Dentata (Nana Berry)
Trimeria Grandifolia (Wild Mulberry)
Widdringtonia Nodiflora (Mountain Cypress)

Artemesia Afra (Wormwood)
Chrystanthemoides Monilifera (Bush-tick Berry)
Euryops Tysonii
Geranium Pulchrum
Geranium Schlechterii (Schlechter’s Geranuim)
Gomphostigma Virgatum (River Stars)
Jamesbrittenia Pristisepala
Leonotis Leonorus (Wild Dagga) 
orange and cream varieties
Melianthus Dregeanus (Red Honey Flower)
– subspecies Dregeanus and Insignis
Papaver Aculeatum (Orange Poppy)
Phygelius Aequalis and Capensis (River Bells)
Polygala Virgata (Purple Broom)
Sutera Floribunda (Kerriebos)

Clematis Brachiata (Travellers’ Joy)
Senecio Deltoideus

Agapanthus Campanulatus subspecies Patens
(Bell Agapanthus)
Albuca Fastigiata (Large Spreading White Albuca)
Crinum Bulbispermum (River Lily)
Crocosmia Aurea (Falling Stars)
Crocosmia Paniculata (Montbreschia)
Dierama Robustum and others (Hairbells)
Eucomis Autumnalis (Common Pineapple Lily)
Galtonia Candicans (Common Berg Lily)
Hesperantha Coccinea (River Lily) red and pink varieties 
Knipofia Linearifolia (Common Marsh Red Hot Poker)
Moraea Huttonii (Large Golden Vlei Moraea)
Nerine Appendiculata (Nerine)
Nerine Bowdenii (Large Pink Nerine)
Scilla Natalensis (Large Blue Scilla)
Zantedeschia Aethiopica (White Arum Lily)
Zantedeschia Albomaculata (Arrow Leaved
or White Spotted Arum Lily)

Diascia Barberae/Cordata (Twin Spur)
Diclis Reptans (Dwarf Snapdragon)
Diclis Rotundifolia
Jamesbrittenia Breviflora
Stachys Aethiopica (African Stachys, Wild Sage)

Aloe Aristata (Guinea Fowl Aloe)
Aloe Maculata
Bulbine Abyssinica (Bulbinella) 
Cotyledon Orbiculata (Pig’s Ears)
Crassula Dependens
Crassula Sarcocaulis
Delosperma Lavisiae and others (Vygies)
Senecio Brevilorus
Senecio Haygarthii
Senecio Oxryriifolius 
Senecio Rhomboideus