Sehlabathebe National Park Tours

Sehlabathebe National Park Tours

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The centerpiece of these tours is the oldest National Park in Lesotho, Sehlabathebe National Park which was created by Lesotho’s first Prime Minister, Chief Leabua Jonathan. The park is a little known, secret jewel!! Explore the hidden gems of this park: soaring mountain vistas, secluded rock pools, waterfalls, rock dwellings, massive overhangs, rock art, rock arches and a beautiful and unique ecosystem of plants, birds and animals. The tours end with a unique way to cross from one country to another, via a border post which has a road coming into it from the South African side, but only a path on the Lesotho side.


DAY 1: Drive from Sani Lodge through the historic area of East Griqualand, then head north to the beautiful and little-used road pass to Ramatseliso’s Gate border post. Cross into Lesotho and drive the scenic route along Lesotho’s southern boundary to the oldest national park in the country, Sehlabathebe. The Park lodge, an historic building where we have stayed in the past, has sadly been closed to the public. We therefore stay either at Mabotle Lodge in the nearby Sehlabathebe village, or at a homestay with a family in Thamatu village. Mabotle is fairly basic while the homestay is very basic but offers a good insight into Basotho life. There may be time for a stroll in late afternoon.

DAY 2: A full day to explore and enjoy the wonders of the Park. Hike or horse ride with our guide or the local Basotho guide who joins us for this part of the trip. Climb to the overhanging mountain Kepising, swim in the pool at the bottom of the Tsoelikana Waterfall and experience the unique flora and fauna. Second night at either accommodation option. You could stay one night at each place.

DAY 3: Today, a special border crossing. You will be guided on foot or horseback down the bridal trail leading to the South African border post at Bushman’s Nek. There is only a path on the Lesotho side of this border post! The vehicle will drive around and meet you at the bottom of this beautiful journey and return you to Sani Lodge by 5 – 5.30pm.

Prices are all inclusive of transport, guides, accommodation and meals

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